What is My Brother’s Keeper?

My Brother's Keeper (MBK) is a community challenge started by President Obama encouraging city leaders, including San Antonio Mayor Ivy R. Taylor, to implement a coherent life-impact strategy.

“Our vision for My Brother’s Keeper in San Antonio is to encourage young men of color to take advantage of the opportunities life presents. We have challenging neighborhoods in our city, but we’re working hard to change this narrative and make San Antonio a place with expectations that also provides second chances.” – MAYOR IVY R. TAYLOR

Who is impacted by My Brother’s Keeper’s support?

This national initiative is designed to help boys and men of color, including African American, Hispanic, Native American, and all non-white males reach their full potential regardless of life's circumstances.

Who is leading the My Brother’s Keeper’s efforts?

Mayor Ivy R. Taylor is the chair of the MBKSA Steering Committee. For the full list of steering committee members, click here.

How is MBKSA funded?

Currently the City of San Antonio provides funding for planning, convening and facilitation phases of MBKSA. The MBKSA Sustainability Committee has identified funding sources for 2016 and will be developing a funding plan to provide resources for MBKSA into the future.

Are there any funds associated with My Brother’s Keeper?

There are no funds specifically available for My Brother’s Keeper. Departments within the U.S. government are addressing support for men and boys of color initiatives within existing programmatic funding opportunities. Many nonprofit and public agencies are currently providing services directly to men and boys of color using existing funding sources. My Brother’s Keeper aims to align existing resources and services in a way that focuses on common goals, provides for shared measurement, and weaves tighter nets of support around our young men and boys of color to prevent any from falling through the cracks. As a collective impact effort, the resources available to this initiative are based on what partners can bring to the table.

How can I get involved?

Fill out our contact form and let us know you are interested in helping.

Who can I contact to discuss My Brother’s Keeper?

Fill out our contact form and someone will follow up with your inquiry.

What is “Collective Impact” and why has this approach been chosen for MBKSA?

Collective impact brings people together, in a structured way, to achieve social change. MBKSA was created to address barriers, create and align opportunities for boys and men of color to life productive and successful lives. This requires a cradle to career approach, which the collective impact approach focuses on:

  1. Shared Community Vision: All participants have a shared vision for change, as well as a common understanding of the problem and how they will work collectively to solve it.
  2. Evidence Based Decision Making: Partnerships make decisions based on local data that shows areas of need and promising practices that are already working for kids.
  3. Collaborative Action: Community members come together to use data to collectively move outcomes.
  4. Investment and Sustainability: Partnerships initiate or redirect resources (time, talent and treasure) toward data-based practices on an ongoing basis, and engages the community to ensure long-term sustainability. 

Where can I find information regarding the focus areas of MBKSA?

Please review the information and Baseline Report located on this site.